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Textbookx is an online retailer of millions of textbooks and learning materials program. For best prices that average college bookstores, the site sells more than 80 million new educational materials, used, textbooks and rent virtual. Customers can purchase items from the discount store with a total and exclusive offers. More than 25 categories listed on the site are sections of math, SAT, Spanish, law, mathematics and computing. The best sellers are What is the thing, The Guardian, Snow Flower and the fan, and Suite Francaise. Textbookx offers users the ability to locate the books necessary for the investigation of reference titles, the most sold and supported by a bar of internal site search. Discounts in the range of goods from 10% to 80% of retail prices and coupons offered online Free shipping on all books over $ 49 retail and 5% discount on all books. Textbookx also presented options for rental and sale of books through the website. Founded in 1999, the company operates primarily online and is headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut. Business customers high-speed services and praise at the right price and easy operation.

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