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International flower orders
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Expiration date Aug 25 ’12

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Forget about old-fashioned and so-called "local delivery" floral services. They are outdated, too costly, and can ensure that you order is what you get. Flower Farm offers convenience, simplicity, and, yes, an excellent value when you order fresh flowers and plants … either as gifts or for your personal enjoyment. Flower Farm represents the best suppliers of flowers worldwide. The flowers are flown and trucks each day from farms and auctions direct to them, their design centers. At their arrival, are subject to strict quality control before the individual members bouquet design as orders are received. When creative employees Flower Farm has designed your bouquet or arrangement, the order is shipped via the shipping option you choose, and based on availability. Each bouquet includes flower food and care instructions and management to ensure a long vase life and maximize enjoyment of the recipient.

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