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Dish Pronto, owned by EchoStar Communications, receives satellite digital signals from their fleet Ten satellites into space. EchoStar satellites (communications / television) orbit synchronously at the 22 000 km above the earth, and will remain over certain land areas. This gives the opportunity to dish the Pronto sends signals via satellite to stationary home-attached antennas. Dish Network strives to provide continuous improvement through advanced research and technology. Pronto Dish Satellite TV offers 155 to more than 250 channels of popular programming choices in packages varies channels. Each pack contains an extended range of choices, and includes movie channels (up to 500 commercial free movie a month), news, popular sports channels, interactive channels (games, shopping, weather and sports betting), VOOM high definition channels, children’s channels, adult channels, Sirius Satellite music and local channels, and a variety of multi-cultural international channels in different languages.

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